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  A roof alone represents around 5% of the value of your house, so it is important to
  make the right choices of materials, profiles and colours. Choosing a roof is an
  important decision - dont leave it to a third party. Your choice of roof will affect you
  while living under it and have a significant effect on the re-sale value. 

  There are a lot of conflicting opinions about which materials are best for roofs so its
  worth looking at some bare facts:

      Both concrete and terracotta roof tiles are strong, hard wearing and durable. They

      are extremely weather resistant and can handle high wind conditions, though this 

      will always depend on the fixing of the tiles.

      Concrete and terracotta tiles provide good thermal insulation in all types of
as well as good sound insulation.

      The roof tiles we sell all have a 50 year guarantee to remain structurally sound,
in addition, our terracotta tiles are fired at high temperatures and will
      therefore n
ever ever fade - no other roofing material can compare when it comes 
      to these
colourfast properties.

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